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Official Book Review Form

Here’s a link to the official book review form we’re using this year. All fours categories on this form must be addressed in your review for full credit on the assignment.

Official Book Review Form

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  1. Raven High
    April 12, 2010 at 8:50 pm

    Yay book reports so um OK here it goes the book Im doing is Through Wolfs Eyes its abig story of six or seven books each at least 6 or 7 hundred pages. Though I read the second one in class it would make no sense if I started this from that book and its April 12th 2010.

    Firekeepper was just your average little girl who lived in a small village in a place called the Iron Mountains. She played with dolls,slacked off, and being taught school like any other little kid in the age of kingdoms. Until a mysteries fire had claim the lives of everyone she knew. Her own life would had been claimed to death by the fire too if it weren’t for the royal wolves. The royal wolves are like any other wolves except there bigger,faster, and smarter. The wolves raised Firekeepper for many years till her teenage years. By then she was a feral child she knew how to hunt,track,stalk, and of course build fires how else would she keep warm in winter. Little did she know her old villages leader named Barden was a Royal kings son who became disowned by his father after turning rebellious and taking people to the village she onced lived in. This man was married and even had a daughter named Blysse. But its been years since Barden has contact anyone beyond the mountains. So a group of soldiers was sent to look for him. All they found though was the ruins of the old village as they were packing home they stumble upon Firekeeper. At first they were horrified but then a idea formed in there heads. Could this be Barden’s Daughter Lady Blysse? Now Firekeeper finds herself in human society and now she must learn the ways of a proper young lady. As if to deal with even more trouble the Kings heirs have all died and the King (named Tedric) cant have anymore children. So a heir must be choose from the other royal members of the court and many are not happy with Firekeepers arrival. So Firekeeper finds herself in twisted turners of games,jealousy,and cruelty beyond her dreams. With her only faithful companion a wolf. She must unravel the mystery’s and plots of this political web of royalties.

    The Author Jane Lindskold lives in New Mexico with her husband Jim Moore. Her father was the governor of Ohio so shes always had a good view of politics.

    What I like about theses books is that there a brain teaser it has lot to do with the human mind and politics mixed with fantasy,lore,biology, and a bit of old history. Whats also nice is that the book gives you detail on the bad characters as well as the good ones.

    So if you like fantasy,animals and knowledge this book would pretty good match for you. Each book in this series is as great as the one before it.

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